Buy Your Persian, Ragdoll, Bengal or Russian Blue kitten Today


Our kittens are registered with the Cat Fancier’s Association. We specialise in Bengal, Persian, Ragdoll and Russian Blue Kittens.Our kittens are well trained , up to date and registered. Although we do not show our kittens, we do strive to protect and perfect the qualities of our litters. We believe that over the years we have raised many kittens that are comparable with those seen in the show ring. We will let you be the judge.

Our Mission


To breed high quality healthy kittens with exceptional colour and contrast, large rosettes, wild appearance, highly glittered coats, loving dispositions, and lots of personalities! We give our kittens extra love and attention in order to socialise them for their new families and because we LOVE our babies! 

Our Kittens are Playful and good with kids and other animals . 

Very Affectionate Kittens that will make a very good companion for your family

Our Kittens were born and trained in our family home, so they are social and fun loving

Our Kittens are registered and up to date with shots. They are Potty and house trained.